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Custom Grazing


Since starting to graze our cattle more intensively and use them as a tool to improve land, one of the many benefits has been more grass than our cattle can efficiently graze at various times of the year. As a result we are able to custom graze other people's cattle. We move cattle frequently and focus on the 5 principles of soil health in doing so. We do not apply chemicals such as pour on dewormers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our goal is to protect the soil and provide livestock with the best possible forage to eat. 


With custom grazing we can keep your cattle for a agreed upon period of time, run them with our herd, and allow you to rest your land and resources. Rates vary by class of animal and length of stay on our farm. We can accept cow calf pairs, calves, bred cows, or open cows. We are unable to accept mature bulls. The number of cattle that we can accept depends on the time of year and growing conditions. If you are interested in learning more about utilizing our custom grazing services email us at or call 828-234-1229.  

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