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Bulk Purchasing

We offer bulk purchasing in cow shares of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or a whole cow.

Our bulk pricing is based on the hanging weight of a cow. This means the weight of the cow after it has been processed and left to hang for a given time to allow for proper dry aging. This is approximately 55% of what the cow weighs when alive.  Our beef is then dry aged 10-14 days.

After being dry aged, the beef is then processed into different cuts. Once cuts are processed, what is left is your take home amount of beef. This is approximately 65% of the hanging weight. Our price is $4.50 per pound of hanging weight for whole and half amounts, and $5 per pound of fourth and eighth amounts. This comes out to approximately $7-$10 per pound of take home beef.   This includes delivery to processor, processing at a USDA/NCDA inspected facility, and pickup at the processor. We also offer free delivery within 30 minutes of the farm. Customers can choose whole, half, fourth, or eighth of beef. You can expect the same cuts as listed here, except for bones. If you have specific preferences in your order we can customize your order to accommodate these. 

Example of Whole Cow Purchase (all figures are approximate and would vary from animal to animal at time of slaughter)


Live weight of cow-1,000 lbs

1,000lbs x 55% Hanging Weight=550lbs

550lbs x 65% Take Home Weight=358 lbs of take home beef

550lbs hanging weight x $5 per pound=$2,750

$2,750 x %2 sales tax=$55

$2,750+$55=$2,805 total cost for 358 lbs of beef. 


Remember that these numbers will vary based on the individual animal and are only meant to give an estimate. If you are interested in a half, fourth, or eighth then divide them up accordingly.

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